Welding on heavy equipment requires robust products and cutting-edge processes. LINCOLN ELECTRIC®'S wide range of advanced power sources, quality-tested consumables and industry-leading application knowledge are a benefit to anyone involved in the manufacture of heavy machinery.
LINCOLN ELECTRIC® is on the cutting edge, offering the latest advanced welding processes to meet the needs of the automotive and transportation industries.
Welding plays a vital role in the construction, maintenance and repair of rigs, platforms, subsea fixtures and supply vessels for offshore frilling and production rigs in harsh environments.
To make a quality pipe every time, you need the right resources. LINCOLN ELECTRIC® offers a complete solution to support your mill: consumables to weld everything from mild steel up to X120 and beyond, equipment that's reliable and cutting-edge, integrated solutions from Uhrhan & Schwill and unmatched experience in the industry.
The demand for wind power is continually accelerating. As a result, the need for efficiency in tower fabrication has become more prominent. LINCOLN ELECTRIC® leads the industry with revolutionary power sources, specially engineered consumables, unmatched application and process knowledge, and globally available technical support and distribution.

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