Affected by the trend of light-weight materials in automotive, aluminum is applied in more and more components such as bumper, chassis, framework, supporting board, beam, interior, car body and window frame.

Aluminum Uses For Automotive

  • Being only 1/3 of the steel weight with the same cross-section area, aluminum can lighten the car. 
  • As a result, the fuel-efficiency is increased and the drive system can work more efficiently (engine, transmission etc.).
  • Aluminum material has been applied to car wheels, bumper, control lever (casting), engine component (casting), drive shaft and sheet metal components fixed by bolts.

Aluminum Arc Welding Challenges

Aluminum is softer than some other materials. So the first problem of aluminum welding is feeding. Special drive roll and feeding system are demanded. Other problems include hard operation, oxidization-prone and deformation-prone surface, cracking and porosity.

LINCOLN ELECTRIC® welding Solution

LINCOLN ELECTRIC®'S POWER WAVE® technology provides a verity of welding process to resolve common welding challenges of Aluminum welding in automotive industry.  Combining POWER WAVE® technology with LINCOLN ELECTRIC® SUPERGLAZE® Aluminum MIG wire, productivity can be improved while eliminating tangling issues and improve feeding. LINCOLN’s AC Pulse and Heat Wave process can achieve a fast travel speed while reducing the heat input and improve thin Aluminum welding.


● POWER WAVE® Aluminum Welding Processes

Pulse:Constant Arc Lengeh, Lower Heat Input

PULSE-ON-PULSE®Bead Appearance, Joint Tolerance

AC Pulse:Thin Aluminum, Heat input constraints

Low Freq Pulse:Straight Progression, Low heat input

Heat Wave:Thick to Thin, Weave Technique

● SUPERGLAZE® Aluminum Wires

SUPERGLAZE® outperforms competitions in smooth surface, consistent wire diameter, strict proportion of chemicals and clean wire. So wire feeding can be improved, porosity can be reduced and finally the weld quality can be enhanced.
Special Gem Pak technology ensure no twist in drum wire. As a result, feedability is highly improved with less chance of down time and higher productivity.



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