Auto Drive®

The AutoDrive® 4R100 and 4R220 are powerful yet compact 4-roll wire drives for robotic and hard automation applications. Both models feature the MAXTRAC® Wire Drive System. Select the 4R220 for feeding larger diameter wires, pulling wire through long conduits and in applications requiring extra ruggedness.

  • Consistent arc start - no spatter or burnback
  • Precise control over the wire feed speed and POWER WAVE® Waveform Control for unmatched weld quality
  • Reduction in contact tips represents a decrease in changeovers     

The POWER FEED® 10R is a high performance,digitally controlled wire drive for modular,multi-process welding systems. It is specifically designed to mount to a robot arm or to use in hard automation applications.Close integration of the wire drive, power source and existing equipment creates the foundation for a system with superior welding performance and reliability. 


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