The DIGIWAVE III embodies a new generation of welding machines more and more modern, entirely adaptable to your needs. With its smart design, its color screen and its innovative communication interfaces, it concretizes the recent technologic breakthroughs and positions itself at the cutting edge of the welding techniques. Integrating sophisticated functionalities of tuning and control, the DIGIWAVE III is much more than a simple machine, it is the welding solution.
  • Provides multi-process reverse polarity (DC+), straight polarity (DC-), AC, high frequency TIG and STT® functionality.
  • Integrated Control Cables – Provides easy connection to compatible POWER WAVE® models. 
  • Quick Lock Mounting System – Provides a way to safely secure the module to the power source.
  • PowerConnect™ Technology
  • TRIBRID® Power Module 
  • CheckPoint™ Cloud-Based Data Collection Tool
  • PowerConnectTM Technology - automatically adjusts to input power
  • TRIBRID® Power Module - high power factor and efficiency
  • CheckPointTM - cloud based system to view or analyze welding data

  • PowerConnect™ Technology 
  • TRIBRID® Power Module
  • CheckPoint™ Cloud Based System To View or Analyze Welding Data


  • Wide Input Voltage Range 
  • Add AutoDrive® 19 Tandem Modules
  • Low Operating Cost 


  • Exceptional Arc Control - Outstanding burnthrough control on thin metal or critical pipe welding.
  • Ultimarc™ - In synergic STT® modes, it dynamically and simultaneously controls all heat input parameters together.
  • Modular Design - The module allows easy connection and fast digital communication.

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