FLEXFAB® Turntable
Main Features
  • Fully imported power source - DIGIWAVEIII 520R
  • Imported welding robot
  • Robotic welding torch and reamer
  • Original robotic servo-driven positioner
  • PLC control cabinet
  • Human-machine interface touch panel
  • Safety devices, such as fence and safety curtain
  • Configuration upgrade based on customer needs
Equipment Detail
FLEXFAB® features a single load and unload area with two independent work zones. The turntable system provides a 180 degree rotating work area to help increase throughout efficiency. The system is ideal for small to medium-sized parts that don’t need reorientation. As the standard FLEXFAB®'s small footprint allows you to fully optimize floor space. The servo-driven positioner is nearly maintenance-free with no mechanical components to fail.
  • Construction
  • Light industry :
    heat exchangers, radiators, air conditioners, food processing equipment,
    brackets, reinforced supports, couplers, stair treads etc.
Servo motor Fanuc servo motor
Reducer Nabtasco RV
Turntable diameter 2100mm / 2900mm
Payload ≤500kg (FLEXFAB® TT 1.4 )
≤2000kg (FLEXFAB® TT 2.0)
Height of fixture mounting surface 850mm
Dimensions of mounting surface
of unilateral fixture (D*W)
Rated turning Angle Any angle (0°-360°)
Rated turning speed 30°/s
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.15mm (r=300)

There are 8 screw holes and 4 pin holes on each side of fixture mounting surface, which is convenient for fixture installation.