In order to better coordinate and support all LINCOLN China operations, LINCOLN ELECTRIC® Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., (LEMS) was inaugurated in July 2011 in Baoshan District. LEMS will provide a complete, unified, sales and support service for all LINCOLN China customers and users both in China and overseas. LINCOLN ELECTRIC®, more than a hundred year history, achieves its glorious success with high quality products and good services, and commits to provide overall welding solutions with the best products to you.
In July, LINCOLN China commenced trial production at a new MIG operation in Tangshan District of Hebei Province -- LINCOLN ELECTRIC® (Tangshan) Welding Materials Co., Ltd. This completely new, state of the art, MIG wire manufacturing plant is designed to continue LINCOLN’s growth in this very important segment of the market. LINCOLN ELECTRIC® China is now comprised of 6 manufacturing subsidiaries with a total workforce of 2,500.
In July, the LINCOLN ELECTRIC® Company acquired 100% of the operations of Nanjing Kuang Tai Welding Co., Ltd. The company was renamed The Nanjing LINCOLN ELECTRIC® Co., Ltd. With the current and new technology, it becomes the center for LINCOLN ELECTRIC®’s coated electrode manufacturing in Asia.
LINCOLN ELECTRIC® made the Baoshan facility, The Shanghai LINCOLN ELECTRIC® Co., Ltd. It is the flagship operation in China with continuing expansion of flux cored wire production, the addition of welding machine manufacturing, the opening of the Asia Pacific headquarters and the Welding Technology Center. A modern Automation (Robotics) Division was opened with highly trained automation engineers available for customer consultation and support. Shanghai LINCOLN ELECTRIC® provides the foundation for LINCOLN ELECTRICS® long-term growth in China, which includes expansion of machine production and the development of a branch network to support customers nationwide with inventory, sales and technical service.
LINCOLN ELECTRIC® opened its first manufacturing facility in China, a welding wire plant that manufactured flux cored wires and MIG wires.

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